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When planning, individuals with autism often experience a need for structure and predictability. The planning process can be more complex due to sensitivity to change and a preference for routine. They often thrive with clear steps and an organized plan, wherein unexpected changes can cause stress.

Understanding and respecting this need for order in planning is crucial to provide a supportive environment, allowing individuals with autism to plan and execute their daily activities successfully and with less stress.

Basic set of pictograms EasyAuti
50 pictograms in a storage tin
€ 64,00
€ 10,49
Checkpad day planner
Easy day planner
€ 24,95
Magnetic set white
A set of unprinted magnets
€ 8,00
Mytiming cards
Mytimingcards - no more discussion about screen time!
€ 19,95
Mytiming cards contract
Make agreements with your child about the maximum screen use per week
€ 1,50
Sticker set daily schedule
50 stickers with pictograms of morning and evening routines
€ 7,50
Sticker set weekly schedule
150 stickers with pictograms to create a weekly schedule
€ 12,50
Time Timer MOD
Easy insight into how much time is left
€ 51,95
Time Timer PLUS
How much time do we have?
€ 59,95
Time Timer PLUS white 120 minutes
Sometimes an hour is not enough
€ 59,95
Time Timer PLUS white 20 minutes
Sometimes an hour is too long
€ 59,95

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