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Do you want more concentration, focus, and productivity during your work or study? Or do you want to lower your stress levels and relax? Then fidget products are the solution for you!

Fidget products are small, portable devices that keep your hands busy, such as cubes, rings, and tangles. By fidgeting with these products, you can improve your concentration and focus, lower your stress levels, and calm your thoughts. Fidget products are not only suitable for adults but also for children who need extra support in learning and concentrating.

Our fidget products are of high quality and are available in different colors and designs. Whether you're looking for a discreet cube for the office or a colorful tangle for home, we have it all. Moreover, our products are durable and safe to use.

Don't wait any longer and experience the benefits of fidget products for yourself. Order today and discover how these small gadgets can make a big difference in your daily life. Our fidget products are not only functional but also fun to use!

3D maze
3D puzzle. Are you up for the challenge?
€ 4,95
Anti stress ring
This ring relieves the stimuli.
€ 1,95
Chain fidget
Subtle, portable and easy to use with one hand or two, this smart fidget is perfect for adults, teens and children over the age of five.
€ 2,95
Clown Magic Puzzle Board
Real brainteaser folding puzzle
€ 9,95
Fidget and Fun Box
Stimulating and stress-reducing
€ 31,80 € 27,50
fidget path
For better concentration
€ 9,95
Fidget ring
The ring helps to keep your attention
€ 12,95
Infinity cube
Keep spinning endlessly
€ 9,95
Magic Cube 2 in 1
A colorful geometric puzzle
€ 6,95
Magic Puzzle 3D (24)
What figure do you make?
€ 5,95
Magic Puzzle 3D (48)
A giraffe, a dog or an ostrich
€ 12,95
Magic Puzzle 3D Multi Colour (24)
An ostrich, a key or a ball
€ 5,95

About us

Jeroen and Mariska Veehof are experience experts in the field of autism, they are the proud parents of three sons, two of which have been diagnosed. Autishop has grown into the supplier with a wide range of products. Thanks to favorable pricing, expert advice and fast delivery, more and more individuals, schools and institutions are finding Autishop.

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