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Games and toys

Breath playing cards
Examine your own breathing
€ 21,50
Communicate the right way
€ 14,95
Children's massage cards
Developing inner feeling
€ 22,50
Choice game
Improves decision making
€ 29,95
Clown Magic Puzzle Board
Real brainteaser folding puzzle
€ 9,95
Compliment game
Box full of love and positivity
€ 23,95
Compliment Game Autism
80 cards with unique compliments
€ 23,95
Compliment game German version
Compliments that make you shine
€ 24,95
Conversation Starter Kids
100 interesting and funny questions
€ 19,95
Emotional world game
What do I feel?
€ 29,95
Feel good game
Happy, angry, scared, sad, proud or jealous?
€ 14,95
Fidget and Fun Box
Stimulating and stress-reducing
€ 31,80 € 27,50

About us

Jeroen and Mariska Veehof are experience experts in the field of autism, they are the proud parents of three sons, two of which have been diagnosed. Autishop has grown into the supplier with a wide range of products. Thanks to favorable pricing, expert advice and fast delivery, more and more individuals, schools and institutions are finding Autishop.

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