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Avoid stimuli

When avoiding stimuli, individuals with autism often experience the need for an environment with fewer sensory stimuli. Sensitivity to sound, light, or other stimuli can lead to stress and overwhelm. Avoiding busy places or situations with a lot of stimuli is often used as a strategy to prevent overstimulation.

Creating calm, structured spaces and respecting individual boundaries contribute to the well-being of individuals with autism who are trying to avoid stimuli. Understanding this need helps in creating supportive environments.

ARK's Bolt Bite chewing ornament
A cool lightning bolt design
€ 19,95
ARK's brick Chew bracelet
Tough bracelet for when you have to chew
€ 14,95
ARK'S Brick Stick chew jewelry
Chew chain that looks like a building block!
€ 19,95
€ 19,95
ARK's Rainbow fidget
Twist it, bend it, discover the different textures.
€ 12,95
ARK's ring chew jewelry
Stylish and discreet
€ 18,95
ARK's Saber tooth chew jewelry
Cool solution for chewing
€ 19,95
ARK's Seashell Chew Jewelry
a robust chew option
€ 19,95
ARK's Smiley chewing ornament
Will put a smile on your face
€ 19,95
ARK's Tetra Bite
With 4 differently textured extensions to chew on, you'll never get bored.
€ 19,95
Basic set of pictograms EasyAuti
50 pictograms in a storage tin
€ 64,00
Chain fidget
Subtle, portable and easy to use with one hand or two, this smart fidget is perfect for adults, teens and children over the age of five.
€ 2,95

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