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Seamless Strapless Torso

Naadloze strapless torso
Seamless Strapless Torso
Completely seamless torso

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€ 15,95
Unique undershirt encloses the torso and provides gentle compression for children.


Made with breathable material, seamless torso, and soft edges, the Compresso-T from SmartKnitKIDS provides superior comfort in compression clothing for children.

Size and chest circumference:

XS - 39-46cm

S -   46-56cm

M -   53-64cm

L -    61-74cm



  • Ultra-stretchy yarns "hug" the torso and provide gentle compression

  • Seamless torso and soft edges

  • No elastic bands or tags

  • Soft material for optimal comfort

  • Strapless construction for versatility - can be worn around waist or hips

  • High-tech fibers wick moisture away and provide a drier under-shirt and help prevent odors

  • Polyester/lycra

  • 100% made in the USA.



About us

Jeroen and Mariska Veehof are experience experts in the field of autism, they are the proud parents of three sons, two of which have been diagnosed. Autishop has grown into the supplier with a wide range of products. Thanks to favorable pricing, expert advice and fast delivery, more and more individuals, schools and institutions are finding Autishop.

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