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Mytimingcards Mytimingcards Mytimingcards
Mytimingcards Mytimingcards Mytimingcards
Mytiming cards
Mytimingcards - no more discussion about screen time!

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Mytimingcards - no more discussion about screen time!
It is a problem that many parents encounter: children who seem to be completely absorbed by the screen. Whether it's the tablet, smartphone or Playstation, your child has more attention for nothing else than that one screen.

Recognizable? Do you want more overview, more balance and less struggle? Then Mytimingcards are a godsend! The time cards and the timer offer your child clarity, encourage personal responsibility and ensure healthy screen use. Discussion belong
forever to the past!

A set of Mytimingcards consists of 24 time cards, 4 bonus cards, 1 explanation card, a timer and the Mytimingcards contract.

Make agreements about screen time together
The telephone, laptop or tablet are very important for school, relaxation and contact with friends. This has various (negative) consequences, especially for children. Prolonged screen time can lead to myopia, hearing damage and pain in the neck and shoulders. So rules and boundaries are important.

Prevent conflict and get more balance and overview in your child's screen time. With Mytimingcards, parents and children can make agreements together about maximum screen use in a fun way. That is how it works:

Make agreements about screen times together
Sign the contract
Give your child the agreed number of cards each week
When using a screen, your child turns on the timer and hands in the correct Mytimingcards.
When the timer ends, the screen turns off.
Your child decides when the cards are used and gone = gone!

Useful! Check the recommended screen time for your child here:

Children aged 2 – 4 years: maximum 30 minutes per day
Children aged 4 – 6 years: 4 moments, maximum 1 hour per day. About 15 minutes at a time
Children 6 – 8 years: maximum 1 hour per day. Divided into two times of about 30 minutes each time
Children aged 8 – 10 years: a maximum of 1 to 1½ hours of screen time per day
Children aged 10 – 12: a maximum of 2 hours of screen time per day
For children under 2 years of age: as little screen time as possible. No more than 10 minutes at a time and preferably with you
For children older than 12 years, a guideline of a maximum of 3 hours per day applies

Note: This article is in Dutch!


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