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November 9, 2023

Minisymposium: "I Have Doubts, What Now?"

That was a fun mini-symposium from AJK (Autisme Jonge Kind) about early detection in children! The main topic was the BEER intervention.

Early detection of problems in social and communication development means better development opportunities for a child. During the mini-symposium "I have doubts; and now?", we looked at targeted help for parents and child from different perspectives.

The symposium began with a presentation by Dr. Iris Servatius-Oosterling on the development of AJK and what has been achieved over the past ten years. She also spoke about the plans for the future.

BEER intervention

An important topic was the so-called BEER intervention. BEER stands for: Blended E-health for children at Early Risk. It is help for parents in the form of a training by trained BEER professionals. It is intended for parents of very young children (12 to about 36 months) whose development is progressing differently than expected.

This includes:

  • Playing
  • Making contact
  • Communicating
  • Showing flexible behavior

BEER is a way of helping without it being clear exactly what is going on with the child. In other words: without a diagnosis having been made. A parent and a professional told how the BEER intervention worked for them.

After the joint part, we continued to discuss in small groups how and where BEER can be best offered and applied. It was a fun and informative afternoon and I am very curious to see how this will develop further and help parents with children.

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