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Advantage: 20x Peltor Optime III ear muffs (heavy nuisance)

Advantage: 20x Peltor Optime III ear muffs (heavy nuisance)
Advantage: 20x Peltor Optime III ear muffs (heavy nuisance)
Adjustable ear muffs for use in severe noise pollution (8-99 years).

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Adjustable ear muff for use in heavy noise environments (8-99 years old).

The Peltor Optime III is a versatile lightweight ear protector with high wearing comfort, ideal for children in education. Despite its compact profile, the ear cups are spacious on the inside.

The Optime III is developed for use in extremely noisy work environments. The protection is based on a technology with a double wall which ensures minimal resonance in the shell. This results in maximum high-frequency attenuation, while still allowing (warning) signals to be heard.

The wide, comfortable edges are filled with a combination of liquid and foam, which provides optimal protection and ensures a light, non-disturbing pressure on the head. This makes the ear muff very comfortable to wear, even when worn for longer periods.

The Peltor is adjustable by pulling the metal pins a little out of the plastic tubes.

The Peltor Optime III is particularly suitable for people with high auditory sensitivity and/or for environments with high noise levels.

Weight: 290g
Age: From 8 years old
Attenuation value: 35 dB (A)
For use in high noise environments.
Ideal headphones for children in education.
Pack of 20 at the price of 18.


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